Cannizzaro Shirt Ballroom ®

The revolutionary NEW - CANNIZZARO SHIRT BALLROOM, is a model of Sport Dance shirt, used in Standard Dances in combination with the Frac.

His brevet is registered.

It was conceived by the multi-champion Domenico Cannizzaro and created for the first time in July 2019 by the ASPESI MODE ITALY atelier.

What does this absolute novelty consist of?

The new shirt has eliminated the elastic fabric that previously adhered to the body, leaving only the parts in pique fabric exposed and visible with the tailcoat worn: collar-combs-cuffs, the latter, separated from the rest of the shirt, are worn last and they are buttoned at the end of the tailcoat sleeve through an internal button.

Everything is kept in stretch through the body placed at the base in the shape of a shorts.

A great revolutionary step forward, which allows all dancers to acquire much more comfort, lightness and to have more and more competition in the feeling of comfort that you have in training.

All dance ateliers will be able to guarantee the world of sport dance the marketing of the CANNIZZARO SHIRT BSLLROOM. At the moment the marketing of the CANNIZZARO SHIRT BSLLROOM. For the moment only available from Aspesi Mode Italy.